Retail Stores for provisioning

Grocery/ Health Food Stories


Whole Foods

Trader Joes

Fresh Market

Specialty Foods

Finster Murpheys

Fish Peddler East

Delaware Chicken Farm and Seafood Market

Penn and Dutch Meat and Seafood Market

Broward Meat and Fish

Wild Fork Store

Omaha Steaks

Croissan Time French Bakery

Donna’s Italian Market

Kosher Kiko’s Market

Russian Market

Sedanos Latin Market

Bedessee East-West Indian Market

Mr.Mack’s Place

Filipino Market

Oriental Food Market

Sasaya Japanese Market

Fresh Produce Market

World Market

Boca Brazil Supermarket

Retail Stores

Target Grocery

Walmart Grocery

Aldi Supermarket


Restaurant Depot


Specialty Items

Total Wine Liquors/Spirits

ABC Liquors

Flanagins Liquors


Indigo Designs Flowers

Field of Flowers

Swap Shop Flowers

Party Supermarket

***Please allow ample time for us with driving and shopping time when needing specialty items. Please be aware some items needed need at least 48-72 hours notice to order. Holidays and busier times of the year will require more notice. 

***Please note we do our best to complete each order within a given time frame to complete. We do our best to shop efficiently and effectively to ensure proper protocols and driving rules and traffic delays/road delays. Some trips may take longer and you will be notified if there is an issue with completing the given time. 

***Also note due to Covid19 we will be required to take all precautions to

safe and proper handling of your items and will operate accordingly to the laws in place.

***We are not liable for any lost or missing items out of our control. Some items may not be available at the time of ordering. We will do our best to get the comparable item or items.