Personal Chef Services/ Servers

Day Personal Chef $20-$35 per hour / Day Sous Chef $15-$25 per hour.

Anything over 8 hour is a flat rate $200-$400.

Anything over 10 hours and up is charged $10 per hour. Maximum of 14 hours.

** Seniors ** $10 per hr for shopping only.

Senior weekly meals includes the cost of client’s food, with a $50 surcharge which includes provisioning deliver/labor.

Day worker, shopping, Chef, Sous Chef, delivery, minimum $150-$175 per 8 hours. Anything above 8 hours is paid at a flat day rate up to 10 hrs.

More than $10 hours will be paid at overtime if needed.

Personal Chef for estate dinner / events or yacht events is $25 – $40 per hour.

*Higher for holiday parties and some events max is $250-$400 based on hours.

Server $15/hr plus gratuity.

Bartender $15/hr plus gratuity.

All private events are tipped 20% to bill and split with event crew evenly

Personal shopper $12-$15 per hour. $10 added for gas and $3 delivery fee.

*Tip optional

Delivery $12 per hour plus tip. $10 gas fee for private estate / yachting events only.

NOTE: Extra charges will be added only if the client has added or changed items from prior contract.

EXAMPLE: Estimated budget was $2,000 for a party but you then added more alcohol, food etc. Now it is $2,500. It will be added to the original contract price and you will be made aware of it at the time of budget increase.

** No money will be taken out of workers’ pay from your budget if it has exceeded the original budget. Anything you add must be paid as extra by the client.

If there is a cancellation for any reason the company will find a replacement contractor in a timely manner and or refund your money.

** Deposits for all transactions for events, private parties and food deliveries. Fifty percent of the total bill will be charged up front when the contract is signed.

** Estimates are just that and can vary from original amounts. The client will be informed at the time there is a change on both parties sides.