Office Meeting Meals

Please list for meals, meals needed, how many and what time for delivery

This needs to be ordered within 24 hours minimum for large pans and date needed and amount of people.

Thank you.

Within 5-10 miles to and from 33009 Hallandale/Fort Lauderdale Area only.

Ceasar salad with Chicken / Steak / Fish *Individual or large pan serves 10-15

Sub sandwiches / Turkey / Roast Beef ? Ham. Condiments lettuce, tomato, 

pickles, onions, cheese, sweet peppers, mayo mustard, ketchup S&P.

Penne Pasta with tomato sauce and cheese with or without meat by the pan *Large only

Chicken stir fry with rice and or noodles by the pan *Large only

Soup choice of tomato basil, broccoli cheese, chicken noodles / vegetable, (Veggie Stock) * Vegetarian

Thai lettuce wraps w/ chicken and peanut sauce / tofu for the vegetarian. 

Veggie Burger 

*Lettuce, tomato, onion, veggie cheese.

Turkey or Beef Burger 

*Lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese american or provolone, blue cheese, mushrooms

House salad 

*Lettuce mixed greens, tomato, onion, sweet peppers, cucumber, pecans lemon balsamic dressing, ranch, blue cheese, thousand island

Flatbread Pizza 

*Cheese, Toppings: spinach, pepperoni, sausage , tomato, garlic onion, mushrooms, anchovy 

*Vegetarian cheese pizza w/ veggies, sweet peppers, onions, mushrooms, spinach. 

Fish and rice black beans baked fish with seasoning blackened or lemon pepper

*Side house salad or coleslaw

*Choice of Mahai, Snapper, Tilapia

Baked and or fried chicken wings, hot, mild, BBQ, mango river $10 per 12 wings served with celery and carrots, ranch or blue cheese.

Most orders are $10 per person for 1 meal unless marked. $5 cup soup / side salads

Large pans of pasta / salad / wraps are $40-$45 per pan serves 15-20.

Flatbread pizza $12 serves 1-2.

Our buns are wheat or white / gluten free.


Rice and beans / Potato Salad

Corn / peas / coles slaw / raw carrots, celery, side salad / soup small cup / fruit cup.


Assorted cakes, carrot, chocolate, white with fruit, assorted cookies, brownies, vegan cupcakes or cookies.

All individual desserts are $5 and whole desserts are $15-$25. Serves 8-10.