Chef On The Fly Pampered Provisionings started when I retired in 2015 from my first love, flying. I was a flight attendant for 27 years. I decided to take a year off, regroup and recertify and refocus on my other true passion and get back to culinary career. I had put it on hold for some time and once again I felt this need to serve people again but through food.

My Love of cooking started when I was very young. My mother like so many in that time when I was growing up cooked and baked everything from scratch.

My mother taught me a lot about baking , cooking and serving others who needed it. It was until she passed at a young age of ovarian cancer that I then started my passion of cooking along with my siblings to feel the void of her no longer in our lives and in the kitchen.

I was only eight at the time. So this is an extension of my love of cooking and my values she instilled in me along with my siblings and grandma’s who were and are excellent cooks. They have been a great support of my Culinary dream .

I have been in the Food and Beverage/ and Culinary world for over 35 years. My Nebraskan Midwestern roots and background shines through in many of my dishes and love for American “Home Style” cooked meals as well as all worldly palettes . I enjoy preparing meals based on my clients requests as well as my travels to different countries and my travels abroad.

I feel many enjoy a good ‘ole’ home cooked meal and it reminds them of their childhood and their Mother and Grandmothers and families in the kitchen.

We want to give the community and the clients a choice in fresher , healthier meals , made fresh and in the comforts of their own home. We like to cater to Seniors , family’s, people on the go and our yachting community as well.
We also want to help the community and people who can’t or aren’t able to be mobile as well as our tourist population so they don’t have to worry while enjoying a vacation . We come to you and provision and have it ready in your vacation home for you. Also working closely with our yachting community provisioning for their yachts and private events.

Having worked in and around Seniors when I was a younger as I become older as well I see the need to provide them with meals that are catered to their liking and they don’t have to worry about shopping. We take care of it all for them.

I found it is important to maintain a good balance diet with healthy fresh ingredients, best value for your money while provisioning and keeping costs down for seniors and those on a budget . We can manage any budget needs.

So please allow us to service your Provisioning’s , private events, Senior meals vacationer’s, for the clients on the go and in the yachting community.

We strive to give back to the community as well as volunteering in times of need. We are able make meals and donate through your donations and our volunteers.

We will work hard to ensure you will be a repeat customer and know you will enjoy our services for years to come.

We are in a world that needs a little more Love and Understanding and we want to leave you with the feeling of good food and a good friend even if only for a few hours .

From our HEART to yours ,

One PALLETTE at a time ,

One DAY at a time,

We THANK you,

CHEF Darla and our Chef and crew.